How do I switch users from myself to a new user?

  • 1 March 2024
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I’ve been wandering in Docusign wasteland for 45 minutes trying to find instructions on how to change my account from myself to the person who has purchased my company. She (understandably) would like her OWN name to show on Docusigns, and she is taking over the payment of the account. She also would like to retain the archived transaction files for the past many years. Can anyone help? I can’t find a way to contact Docusign. Thanks in advance.


3 replies

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The 1st step would be to add her to the account as a new user with DS Admin permission profile.  That will grant her access to modify the Account Profile section of the Settings area.  In the Account PRofile area is where the account name and billing information can be modified.

As for the previous transaction records, you should use the Custody Transfer feature under the Settings area to transfer previous envelopes to the new admin.  Information on adding users, permission profiles, and the Settings area can be found at the link to the eSignature Admin Guide below:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. I’ll try to wade through this. Much appreciated.


Larry Underhill.

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