webform: dynamically CC using URL parameter for email address

  • 1 March 2024
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We would like to share a dynamic link for a customer form that our Sales team would all be using.

in order to have the same link for eveyone, we tried to create a webform with an url parameter for the email address which each sales person would have to customize. that way, when they send the URL link to clients they would receive the form once signed by client using the CC role.

=> is it possible to populate a role email from the URL parameter of a webform?

example: sales person John Doe would always use this URL to share with his clients:


4 replies

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This DocuSign Support article explains how to Pre-fill a Web Form manually by adding params to the URL.

It is only possible to pre-fill fields in the envelope but you are not able to pre-fill recipients that receive a copy at this moment in time for Web Forms.

At the moment this is only possible for PowerForms, where you can provide also the recipient information as part of the URL. See the following DocuSign Support article for details.

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we have switched to webform and were able to use the url parameters.

  1. I think we need to assign this form to some sort of webmaster account if we want everyone in the team to send the link to their clients. because if I keep the ownership, our client will see my name at the top of the form. please confirm.
  2. the signing party is not getting the email once the powerform is completed. is it by design of Powerforms to not send a completion email to the signing party?



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  1. You can create a generic account that will be visible to the signers on the top. You may also make copies of it, make each Sales rep the owner and they will see their names. This will mean that everyone has their own individual link.
  2. That is a setting that you can configure under Signing settings: „Send completion emails to embedded signers“. PowerForms are considered embedded signers. 
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  1. got it thanks but too much work to set up a Powerform for each new hire. we will stick to the “webmaster solution”
  2. we checked our settings and it’s already checked. could it be because we are on the development environment?