Is there a way to automate inputting a recipient's name into the file name of a document in DocuSign?

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A situation where this would be useful - when we're sending documents out for signing in bulk.

Having the recipients' name automatically added to the file name would help us to organise the signed documents quicker when we download them.


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Thank you for reaching out here in the DocuSign Community.

I apologize for the inconvenience, I understand that you want to know if you can merge a recipient's name into the file name of a document in DocuSign.

When you use a template to send envelopes, if you use the email message subject as is, the envelopes will all have the same subject, making it hard to identify a particular one. This can be especially problematic if you are using the bulk send feature to send the same documents to many different people at once.

To customize the subject for each envelope sent from a template, use merge fields to automatically insert custom data. The template's email subject becomes both the email notification message subject and the name of the envelope as shown in the sender's and recipients' accounts.

You can customize a template email subject with one or more of the following template data:

  • Recipient name - any role recipient's full name
  • Recipient email address - any role recipient's email address
  • Envelope custom field (ECF) - any ECF defined on your account and visible to select on your template

More information at

Let us know if you need further assistance with this.

Best regards,

Christopher | DocuSign Community Moderator

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Hi Christopher this is great thank you.  I want to implement this solution but am not clear how to do the merge fields.  Most merge fields I’ve used have a syntax  like {{}} or something like that.

Where can I find a list of the names/values?  is there a video on this I could watch in action?

Your link here seem to dead end with a parsing error.


Appreciate your help.