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How can I send multiple templates to one recipient easily?

Perhaps I've overlooked this info... here is my situation.


We have several templates, each their own document. When sending (using advanced send), I choose the first recipient, choose which templated documents I want to send, and proceed.  It then comes back with a message


Envelope Not Ready to Send
Some recipients have incomplete information: Signer
Each recipient at a routing order must be a different person. Click here to ( combine and review ) or close this dialog to correct yourself.


I then have to put the same recipient in for order 1, then it gives another error saying they have to be unique or to combine all of the recipients, which I combine, then it gives me simply one email address to send to.


DocuSign error


Is there some easy way to skip all of that and just give order 1 email recipient to all templates in the envelope?



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Re: How can I send multiple templates to one recipient easily?

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Hi Joe,


Thank you for your question. I am unsure if your question is related to DocuSign Templates, or if you are simply sending from a new PDF each time. It almost looks as if you are doing the latter and using Adobe Form Field recognition. If this is the case, the Combine Recipients should do the trick. This will apply all DocuSign Tags to that one recipient, which I believe is what you are trying to accomplish. However, I would suggest creating DocuSign Templates out of these multiple forms.


If you are in fact already using Templates, here is my suggestion. First of all, you will want to add the Template (Choose Online Document) before adding a recipient. Your templates should have the "Role" (recipient placeholder) already set up. After pulling the template into the envelope, you will simply enter the recipient's email and name into the fields provided.


Secondly, if you are adding multiple templates and Role recipients are "duplicating" in the create envelope window, that usually means the Role Names you have included in each template are not consistent. Make sure the same spellings of Role Names are being used across the board. i.e. Role "Signer 1" in the first template is probably going to be the same person as "Signer 1" in the second template when sending the envelope. Setting these role names identical will ensure that the correct tags are designated for the correct signers when sending from the template.


I hope this helps. You may also want to consult our quick-start template guides for further assistance:


Creating a Template

Using Templates

How to Send Using a Template




Tim S.

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Re: How can I send multiple templates to one recipient easily?

Thank you Tim!


Going back through the templates and setting the Roles as Signer 1, Signer 2...  did the trick!


Awesome product!