DocuSign Certification Steps

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DocuSign Certification Steps

Think you’re ready for the certification process for your DocuSign integration or custom application? Want to know how to ensure a successful certification?


Below are the 10 Steps to a Successful Certification:


  1. Review the certification requirements
    Review the requirements and prepare all artifacts before completing the PowerForm online.

  2. Complete a Certification Dry Run
    NOTE: This option is only for customers who've signed up for a Professional Services engagement.  We recommend a certification dry run before the certification process to surface any issues early, while you still have time to address them.  Set up the dry-run meeting at any time through your Account Manager or Professional Services contact, including one at the onset of the project, and complete the dry run no later than two weeks before the actual certification.

  3. Remedy any Issues
    Remedy any issues found during certification dry run in step 2 above.

  4. Complete the Certification Questionnaire
    Provide response to the questionnaire along with supplemental material described in the following steps.  To receive a copy of the questionnaire in advance of submission, feel free to contact your Account Manager or Professional Services representative. 

  5. Provide a Video Recording for your Certification  
    Be sure to capture and provide a 4.5MB video demo that demonstrates the process from document generation, to sending, signing, and statusing back to your system (where applicable), with no errors in the implemented solution. 

    Ideally, the video should include both the non-Exception and Exception flows. If the Exception flows can't be included in the same video file, keeping the file size less than 4.5 MB, submit a separate video for the Exception cases.

    Email the video to this address.

  6. Send Copies of your Requests / Responses  
    For REST API, this is is the JSON/XML request and response.  For SOAP API, this is the SOAP Trace request and response.

    Email the trace to this address.

  7. Provide API Call Log Date Range 
    Provide a date that our Certification Engineers should review to extract your API invocation logs for 20 successfull happy path API calls from our systems to review your API call behaviors.  This date must be within the week of your certification review request.

  8. Request to Promote Your Integrator Key
    When you have successfully completed all of the requirements and the certification engineer has signed off, he will forward you a link to a second Powerform, the Integrator Key Request Form.  You will provide a System Integrator Name, Integrator Technical Contact Name, Email, Phone, Production Date Estimate, and existing Integrator Key.  This information is for the technical contact who will be providing support in case there are issues with the integration down the road.  

  9. Receive CTO Certification Signoff:
    Once you have completed the form, the Certification Engineer will forward the form and the earlier supporting content to DocuSign’s CTO for final approval and sign-off.  The CTO ofice could take an  additional 3 business days to sign off. 

    Assuming no issues are found with the solution video capture, logs, or traces, your solution will be certified within 6 business days from submission of the final items listed in steps 4 to 8 above, after which you'll gain access to the Production environment.  Typically, given the time lapse between certification request submission, review completion that may include revisions and another round of certification review, then your request to submit for CTO review, and CTO review, our customers experience 14 to 21 business days from time of submission to gaining access to production.

    : If at anytime after Certification engineer review, there's anything missing, the 6 business day timeline restarts from the time you remedy issues. 

  10. Launch 
    If necessary, we’ll make additional configuration changes to your production settings to accommodate the new integration features.  You’ll receive a notification of the completed certification envelope and a separate email for your production account activation.  Your Production account is now ready for use.


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