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Integrator Keys



I am designing a new internal system which integrates with DocuSign. This is a .Net/Sharepoint based system. I have created a small prototype in the demo environmnet using my personal Email ID.


I would like this to test with a production Account. When I went to the Production account I dont see the option of "Get Integrator Keys".


1. Is getting a demo account and moving that account to production only way to handle this integration?


2. If the only option for intgration is to create a Demo account and request to move to production. What would happen if we 

     want to release a updated version of ouyr application in the future. Where do we test the next version?


3. How long does it take for you to move a demo account to production. This is to plan ourselves.


4. Can you map a demo account which is registed to my personal emial to a new account in my corporate/Enterprise account?



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Re: Integrator Keys


Certification information: http://community.docusign.com/t5/Announcements-Knowledge-Base/DocuSign-Certification-Steps/ta-p/3417


1) You should get your application working correctly in Demo, then when you are ready to move to production, you simply pass Certification and get Production Integrator Keys


2) When you have Production Integrator Keys, you can release updates whenever you please. Part of certification is ensuring you will use the DocuSign API in a fair and responsible manner. 


3) Demo to Production is pretty much just Integrator Key changes and changing your API endpoints. 


4) Demo and Production are on different systems (demo.docusign.net vs. www.docusign.net), so you cannot link an existing Corp/Enterprise account to a Demo account. 


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Re: Integrator Keys

Hello nicholas,


Thank you very uch for your answers. The answers to my questions 2 and 4 are not satisfactory.

Let me explain more for those questions:


2. I develop and test the application in demo site, now I want to move to production, I complete the certification process which is 2 weeks process. Then after a month I want to release some updates to my system. If the existing demo account is coverted to Production account. How do I develop and test the new updates to my application. I know I dont need to pass the certification process again. But, How do I test the updates?


4. I have a demo account with XXXXX@gmail.com now. I want the actucal production account to be myapplicationName@mycompany.com , How is this convertion process taken place?

Do I need to create the Demo site using myapplicationName@mycompany.com account?




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Re: Integrator Keys

ok, let's see if I can clarify a bit:


2) You can generate new Integrator Keys, then in your application just provide a switch that uses either Production values (Key + API endpoint) or Demo values. 


4) Email support@docusign.com (or contact your Account Representative if you have one) to change important values like your account email. 

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Re: Integrator Keys

i am not able to generate a Integrator key today. I had generated one earlier but today when i login to preferences - api to see it, i dont see it anymore.

i tried to generate a new one by clicking on the generate demo integrator key, that doesnt seem to be working either. any help on this is much appreciated.




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Re: Integrator Keys

I have same problem to my integerator key is removed from dev org, i can't able to use the previosu key and I can't able to generate it either.