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Accepted Solution

RequestCertificate returns multiple docx?

The generated method I get for RequestCertificate looks like this:


 DocumentPdfs RequestCertificate(string envelopeId)


and looking at the wsdl that seems to be correct. So it takes in a
single envelope id but is capable of returning multiple documents. I
see the api guide calls the parameter "EnvelopeIds", but that is not
what it is in the wsdl.


Based on my understanding of what the certification document is (which
could certainly be wrong), I would only expect there to be one such
document for the envelope. Can someone confirm there will only be one,
or, if not, explain when I'd get more than 1?




DocuSign Guru
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Re: RequestCertificate returns multiple docx?

There will be only one Document returned when using RequestCertificate.